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Why Its Time for You to Join the Street Workout Movement

Talk of exercising and gaining a fit and agile body and most people think of going to a gym. While gyms might seem the ultimate embodiment of a healthy and fit body, they aren’t for everyone. Confused? Just consider the number of people who drop out of the gym within the first few weeks. You may belong to this group already. The fact is, not everyone has the same level of motivation or can adjust with the strict gym regime. Even worst is the fact, that people who drop out of the gym tend to give up on exercising and fitness. Why not try an easier alternative that fits into the needs of everyone? That is where Streetworkout is growing in popularity.

What is Street Workout?

The name is self-explanatory and instead of going to the gym, you exercise out in the open in community parks and other such open spaces. It has gained widespread popularity as most people these days prefer to exercise in the open instead of closed enclosures. Since there is no lifting of weights involved this exercise form has gained acceptance among older people and also adolescents who always worry weight-training stunting their growth. It is also an inexpensive form of exercise as you won’t have to pay a membership fee at a gym, invest in expensive equipment at home or have to buy expensive supplements to help you gain muscles.

When it comes to street workout most people prefer Bar Brothers given the kind of effect it has on the body and the quick results it shows. Bar Brothers or calisthenics is the most popular form of street workout. This is a unique step-by-step training program that has been designed to help people gain desired body shape and fitness. This fitness program is beneficial as it helps in building muscle strength and gaining muscle mass. Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic were the pioneers of this movement that has benefitted millions of people across age groups around the world.

Tips for Bar Brothers Beginner

As any fitness coach will tell you, any exercise regime requires you to start slow and push your body gradually along the way. This will help you in building your strength and stamina over few weeks before you can push to a higher level. Many people take to rigorous exercising at the start and suffer from exhaustion and burnout. This is not desirable as it can demotivate you. You need to follow a good routine with Bar Brothers calisthenics that is aligned to your present physical state and the goals you have in mind.

Here is a calisthenics workout routine for beginners that would help you exercise all parts of your body and gain desired shape and fitness levels. Perform these exercise routine in three circuits where you give your muscles 30-second rest between each set and at least 3-5 minute rest after the end of every circuit. The number of sets is mere suggestions and you can work on your own exercise plans based on your current fitness and comfort levels.

  • Start with 10 pull-ups where you stand facing to the exercise bar and exercise your shoulder muscles as you pull up your body taking the head above the bar. Your hand palms are facing away from you.
  • Next move to 10 chin ups where you grab the bar with your hand holding the bar from underneath with your arms close to the shoulders and bring your head above the bar. Your palms are facing towards you.
  • Move on to a dip bar and complete 20 dips where you dip your body by bending your elbows and using the triceps muscles to move your body up and down
  • This should be followed by 20 squats where you stand with your body facing forward and your feet parallel to the ground. Lower your body into a squat position and lift it up gradually
  • Next comes push-ups and here you should target 20 pushups where you must make sure your back doesn’t sag
  • Next on the list should be 50 crunches to train the abdomen; start with laying on a flat surface with your back flat. This is the most important exercise for those who have lot of fat around their waist

Why Bar Brothers Calisthenics Is Better than Weight Exercise?

Unlike traditional exercise in the gym that requires the use of weights such as dumbbells and barbells, Calisthenics solely focuses on using a person’s body weight for training. This is not only a cheap way of exercising but also reduces the risks of muscle injury which is common during weight training. Research has shown that this form of exercise helps in strengthening muscles quicker as compared to weight training.

Though we have mentioned the use of a bar and dip bar in Calisthenics this form of exercise doesn’t require the use of any equipment. For instance, you can be performing your regular fitness regime with push-ups, crunches, squats, etc. anywhere even when you are traveling or during a vacation. They help in building great build functional strength in your body and reducing stress on your joints than many people experience with weight exercises. These exercises are for everyone irrespective of the age group, gender, and overall physical condition of the body.

Become Part of Social Fitness Movement

Bar Brothers calisthenics has evolved into a social movement where an increasing number of communities are promoting street workout among their residents. Communities around the world are investing in different types of street workout equipment in local parks and this is helping residents to socialize while exercising. This social exercising helps in motivating those individuals who otherwise lack the motivation of following a regular fitness regime.

It’s time to start with bar brothers and gain your fitness and strength. Remember the old saying “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body” and you should become part of this fitness movement which is sweeping through communities and it would not only help your body physically, but also make you more agile and self-assured. Denfit offers a big range of over 60 different Streetworkout products which will help you to reach your fitness goals.