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Reverse Signs of Ageing and Stay Fit with Street Workout

Have signs of ageing started giving you sleepless nights? Are you looking to stay fit without hitting the gym? To answer your first question – age is just a number and if you are seeing early signs of ageing you shouldn’t start worrying about it as you can reverse it by leading an active lifestyle. As for the second question, there are better alternatives of keeping yourself fit and active without having to get membership of an expensive gym. To state a fact, the number of people going to the gym has fallen in recent years as busy lifestyle doesn’t allow people to spare time of driving to the gym every day. Gyms also tend to confine you with the regimented exercise. This can eventually seem more of an obligation than one that boosts your fitness.

There are natural ways of keeping your body fit and active and their popularity is on the rise. These fitness exercises help you reach a state of desired health and wellness. At Denfit we have been promoting a natural and easy way of keeping your body fit. Street workout is by far the best way of regaining fitness and creating the perfect union between your body and mind. We provide community fitness equipment that helps the entire community in achieving fitness. Another positive fact of this is that it helps you socialize when you exercise together.

Join the Calisthenics Fitness Movement

The Calisthenics or Streetworkout Movement has gained immense popularity around the world. Thousands of people are joining this movement and have built a strong brotherhood (sisterhood) in small and big communities to improve health and fitness. We take pride in being part of this street workout movement. This movement isn’t just about attaining health and fitness alone but also building a positive bent of mind that helps in dealing with stress and work related burnouts. Bar Brothers is one of the most popular forms of this health and wellness movement initiated by two friends Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic.

This is a simple form of progressive calisthenics workouts that only uses a pull up bar. The training puts your body through different paces and as you go along with this exercise your bones and muscles start becoming stronger. The training focuses on increasing the challenges periodically. This progressive training ignites desire to achieve higher goals among the trainees and improves fitness levels. As you burn unnecessary fat and gain flexibility in your body you will start to look younger.

Why Should You Opt for Calisthenics?

Before you become part of the Calisthenics movement you’d surely have lots of questions in your mind. Why is it the best way to reverse signs of ageing and stay fit? Why should you quit the gym and opt for street workout? Let’s take you through some of the benefits of Calisthenics and how it will benefit your body and improve your overall lifestyle.

  • Exercise Whole Body – Calisthenics helps you in exercising your whole body. This form of street workout involves exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and squats etc. that are helpful in toning up your upper as well as lower body.
  • Build Endurance – One of the main aims of any form of exercise is to build endurance. Performing Calisthenics helps your body achieve higher endurance levels. Over time you will be able to take your body through higher levels of stress without burning out or experiencing discomfort. Since cardiovascular exercise is an integral part of this exercise regime they help in building your muscular endurance.
  • Improve Strength – Your bones and muscles start losing their strength when you start living a sedentary lifestyle. This also creates a sense of ageing in your mind. Calisthenics helps in improving the strength in your bones and muscles. There are militaries around the world that use this physical fitness training programs for their young recruits. Improved strength in bones and muscles also helps in preventing musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Regain Flexibility – As you age your body also starts losing flexibility. If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle for a while this problem would become acute. How you wish you could regain the kind of flexibility you had during teenage and early adulthood. Gym exercises often prove to be counterproductive and tend to add stiffness to your muscles. Bar brothers or other calisthenics workout makes your body go through several flexible motions. From hip to toes and the rest of the torso you experience more flexibility with regular workouts.

Are you ready to experience all these benefits? We’re sure you wouldn’t find a better alternative to street workout to keep your body fit and active. At Denfit we provide you with the best Streetworkout / Calisthenics equipment and lead you to a better, fitter and healthier lifestyle. Become part of the street workout movement and enjoy the innumerable benefits that are on offer.