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Why Calisthenics Should Be Your Exercise of Choice

Talk of fitness and exercising in the modern world and your mind immediately turns to state-of-the-art gym. Today’s gyms represent more of computerized and mechanized centres than training centres that we had few decades back. Today’s gym regimes are more about isolating every single muscle in your body and working on them. From monitoring every gram of food that you eat to measuring every step you walk with apps, they tie you down to a regime rather than letting you enjoy the whole process of keeping your body, muscles and the mind fit. The results are for everyone to see – majority of people joining gyms quit in the first few months with their commitment towards fitness and toning up their bodies going for a toss.

We must all ask ourselves important questions – do we need to hit the gym? Do we need to become part of an exercise regime that we are likely to stop enjoying in few months? Isn’t there an alternative to the gym? The fact is more and more people around the world are starting to see merits in the more primitive and natural way of keeping the body fit. Calisthenics is one form of exercise which has gained immense popularity in the recent years. It is enjoyable, it keeps you fit and most importantly it doesn’t require you to take membership of an expensive gym.

What is Calisthenics?

It is a natural form of exercise that uses the resistance of your body for strength training. Unlike exercising in a gym, this doesn’t require a lot of equipment to tone your muscles and increase their strength. It is also termed as body-weight exercise since it uses your body’s weight instead of the weights that are used in a gym. While push-ups and pull-ups are the most common movements here there are dozens of other movements that tone every muscle in tour body. Here are some reasons Calisthenics should become your exercise of choice:

  • Strengthens Muscles – Calisthenics strengthens your muscles without having to undergo any weight training. The fact that it uses your body’s resistance instead of weights lets you strengthen your muscles faster. As you go along with this form of exercise you will be progressively strengthening your muscles. There are dozens of Calisthenics workouts that are targeted towards different muscles in your body.
  • Build Endurance – We live in a mechanized world where most of our daily activities don’t involve brute muscle power like a century or two back. This is the reason we have lost on endurance compared to our forefathers. In Calisthenics your body has to undergo repeated steps and muscle movements without any break and this boosts your endurance levels that shall help you in many ways.
  • Burns Body Fat – Majority of people hitting the gym do so to burn body fat. Obesity has become a societal problem and even more people who aren’t obese do carry extra pounds of body fat. Calisthenics improves metabolism in your body and hence helps in burning down the unnecessary body fat, without affecting your muscles.
  • Prevents Injuries – Calisthenics is a natural form of exercise unlike the weight training you do at a gym. You may have heard innumerable stories of people suffering from severe back and neck injuries working out in a gym. Some of these injuries can turn lives upside down. There are no or minimal risk of such injuries when it comes to Calisthenics.

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