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What Makes StreetWorkout Fun Yet Effective

Your body is the only place where you live in and can truly call yours. You should respect, honour it and do everything you can to keep it safe. Fitness is everything if you look forward to living a healthy life. Fortunately there are many ways to leading a healthy life. Hitting the gym and working on high-end equipment is of course the most preferred option out there. However there are other options worth exploring, especially if you do not have access to indoor gyms in your neighbourhood.

The common notion associated with fitness and health is that it’s boring. It is tedious, time-consuming, demanding a lot of patience and perseverance. While it is true that you do need to stick to a routine, exercise regularly and maintain your diet, there is no rule in any book which says it has to be boring. Workout can be fun if you incorporate the right elements. Have you ever considered taking your workout outdoors?

Working Out Outdoors – A Movement That You Can Adopt

While on your daily morning jog in the park, have you noticed a few who do push-ups on the grass, use a lamp-post to train their muscles and many other such activities? What they are doing is known as Calisthenics a popular StreetWorkout approach that is rapidly becoming very popular all over the world.

What is Calisthenics?

In Calisthenics, the focus is on building your body’s strength and endurance by using body weight to train as against an external equipment. This means you perform activities such as lunging, pushing, pulling and lifting using your arms, legs – your body weight. Calisthenics gives you the flexibility of working out anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

The Calisthenics movement became popular all over the world at the turn of the century but found momentum in New York City where youngsters used their neighbourhood parks and outdoor spaces to exercise. They didn’t have any equipment so used their body weight to train themselves. This soon become so popular that soon StreetWorkout parks started springing all over. In 2011 the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation was founded with its headquarters at Latvia.

How Calisthenics Helps The Body

  • Flexibility – One of the best ways to understand your body better is to solely rely on it for all your exercise. The number of push-ups you can do will tell more about your body’s endurance. While it is very easy to start calisthenics, it isn’t easy to continue doing so. But once you get the hang of it, you become flexible, your muscles start stretching the way you want and you see an overall improvement in your fitness level.
  • Gives Functional Strength – Another advantage of relying on your body is that it helps you understand your own functional strength. All the muscles of your body work together as opposed to making only a few muscles work while working with a fitness device. With improved functional strength, you get to be at the top of your game, always.
  • Helps in Weigh Loss – One of the main reasons people hit the gym is to lose weight. Calisthenics helps in drastically cutting fats as you are constantly working up your muscles. Street workout is high-intensity and exhausting. Your body burns a lot of calories to work up the muscles.

Streetworkout has evolved over the years. Today there are dedicated outdoor gyms with calisthenics equipment which makes exercising and training easier. These outdoor gyms are much more fun, interactive, and built on the idea of training using your body weight. There are several calisthenics products like Streetworkout, Basix, Fitpoint and Sportpoint – all made available by Denfit, a company that makes calisthenics accessible, usable yet very modern. You can check out our website to know more about our products and how to use them.