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At Denfit, sustainability is a top priority. Our equipment boasts a long lifespan, crafted from recycled steel with all parts being reusable, thus reducing our environmental impact. We’re mindful of energy usage, with our factory equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and utilizing machine heat for heating. Additionally, we employ smart packaging methods to minimize our ecological footprint during transport. At Denfit, we’re not just dedicated to ‘Commit to be fit’, but also to ‘Commit to a better world’. Let’s work together towards a healthier and more sustainable future.


"I come here almost every day to train, and during the lockdown, even more athletes have joined, of all ages. Like that man over there, a Turkish man of 61, who now also comes daily, and we help him to do the exercises correctly. Personally, I make arrangements via Snapchat to exercise with friends I've met here. It gives us a lot of energy. I understand that this equipment has been here since 2009 and that replacement equipment will be coming soon. We don't understand why, because everything still works just fine, even after 15 years of intensive use. We don't want different equipment, at most the same equipment but new. We hope the municipality accommodates us in this regard. Then we can continue for another 15 years or more together, hahaha."

"I am very happy to be able to collaborate with a primal Dutch company like Denfit. It is essential for me that not only are all devices designed in the Netherlands, but also that all production and procurement of components take place here. This minimizes the number of transportation movements and reduces environmental impact. Furthermore, Denfit products are made from recycled steel and stainless steel, and they are fully reusable after their lifespan. That surely makes one happy, doesn't it?"