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Professional SportPoint

With these fitness products you bring the indoor gym outside for a complete workout whenever you want. Meeting training buddies in the open air and making new ones. Training with adjustable weights and benefitting from the diversity of fitness exercises that can be done on every device. Both for beginners and advanced athletes the perfect opportunity to workout hard physically and unlock your full potential and achieve a clear, focused mind while pushing your physical limits with our strength and cardio exercises.

A modern line of professional outdoor fitness equipment. In total there are 14 devices:
– 10 strength products, of which 6 with adjustable weights
– 3 cardio products
– 1 strength device for inclusive users

The units can be installed directly on concrete or with their own rubber floor. The floor parts make installation very simple and very economical. Only a flat surface is needed and by connecting the floor parts, no further anchoring is necessary. And because of the floors the training area stays clean and stable. The floors can be placed in a circle, cross, snake pattern and many other shapes. A common setup is a complete circle of 9 units on rubber floor.

The adjustable weights are in a closed system and cannot be removed. Due to the large variation in weights, the Sportpoint is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. A complete workout is possible on every device. Each device is provided with an instruction sticker showing the exercise and trained muscle groups. In addition, the sticker has a QR code, which makes a large number of alternative exercises available. Furthermore, YouTube videos can be found per device, in which all exercises are shown.

Because of the adjustable weights in a closed system the Sportpoint products are very suitable for prisons.

We have many colours in our standard range to choose from to brighten the environment.

“Step outside and embrace the freedom to move, sweat, and thrive with our outdoor fitness solutions!

Commit to be fit with Denfit!