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  • Basix MotionPlus
  • Colour: Tops, sides of stairs and jump-touch bar in many different colours. Posts and beams are standard in Gris Sablé 2400.
  • Area of movement: 112 m2
  • Free height of fall: 545 mm
  • Installation: in ground – above ground
  • Optional: completely in stainless steel / uncoated in hot zinc dipped galvanized steel
  • Main exercises: Coordination/stair/balance walking – Balancing – Stepup – Arm rotating – Jump/step over – Jumping and touching – Arm/wrist/finger coordination – Handbiking

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The Denfit MotionPlus is a user-friendly training unit for seniors. It is specifically designed for the elderly to keep fit and healthy, while at the same time enjoying social interaction. Building strength, flexibility and balance through the use of MotionPlus reduces the risk of falling of older people. This plays a major role in the independence and security of older people, leading to a better quality of life. They remain capable of doing their every day matters.

The MotionPlus offers multiple exercises to train fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. Next to this there are several exercises which help to improve balance and flexibility. The stairs and ramp give stronger muscles in the legs. The standard product includes: Ramp with stairs/Walking bridge bars/Balance beam/ Wavebar with ring/Arm-wrist exercise/Handbike/5x hurdle/WaxonWaxoff/Balance board/seat/step up plate/Jump touch bar and finger exercise. It is possible to add exercises like a Stepper, Wheel and Twister, or leave out certain exercises. Please contact us for more information.