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Balance beam bars Inclusive

  • Basix Balance Beam Bars Inclusive
  • Support bars are 1250mm longer than the standard Balance Beam Bars, making this product is perfect for rehabilitation centers
  • Colour: Tops in many different colours. Posts and beams are standard Gris sablé 2400
  • Installation: in ground – above ground
  • Optional: completely in stainless steel / uncoated in hot zinc dipped galvanized steel


Denfit Basix is a modern range of outdoor fitness equipment consisting of static devices that work on all muscle groups and that form a perfect workout for everyone. Public spaces and parks are enhanced by these stylish installations which provide the community with the opportunity to exercise, socialise and enjoy the outdoors all at once. Each unit is designed to work various muscle groups, using the user’s own body weight as resistance; because of this they can be used by young and old and from beginners to experienced athletes. A combination of devices can make a beautiful trail which is very attractive for bootcamp, calisthenics and streetworkout. And also for parkour: moving through your environment, overcoming obstacles through running, jumping, vaulting and climbing, parkour can be practiced by anyone.

Most of the Basix products are specifically designed for seniors, to keep fit and healthy, while at the same time enjoying social interaction. Building strength and flexibility through the use of Denfit Basix reduces the risk of falling of older people, leading to a better quality of life.

And some of the BasixFit units are designed for inclusive users to work on their health and wellbeing in the fresh open air amongst people of all ages and abilities. These units are designed in a way that that they are easy accessible for wheelchairs.