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Fitness for Seniors
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Is Your Community Investing in Fitness for Seniors?

We want to ask you very important question: is your community investing in fitness for seniors? If ‘No’ is the answer, it isn’t surprising as fitness and training are the words that are generally attributed to youth and adulthood. You are likely to harbor this belief that people should invest in health and fitness at the prime of their lives when they feel the adrenaline rush. This is factually wrong as the importance of health and fitness isn’t factored on age and it is equally important for people across age groups to exercise and remain fit. In fact, as we age our bodies need more care and exercising.

Though exercise and nutrition are important for a healthy body and healthy mind, as people age their requirements change. Several studies around the world have highlighted the importance of regular exercise for seniors as the sedentary lifestyle after retirement can negatively impact their health. However, it is only in recent years that the importance of training with outdoor fitness equipment has gained attention. Exercises for seniors are more than just going for walks or attending Yoga lessons. Fitness equipment for seniors plays an important role in keeping the muscles, bone, and mind in good shape. Fitness for seniors should not been seen as an individual need but addressed at a community level.

Fitness in Ageing Societies

Most of us in the developed world are increasingly living in ageing communities. The birth rates have dropped and thanks to modern medicine life expectancy have grown. To quote an example the median age in the European Union is 43.7 years as compared to 32 years in Asia and 19.7 years in Africa. This median age in Europe is expected to further increase to 48.2 years by 2050. Hence most countries in Europe are adding more seniors to their population than youth. This presents us with the perfect case for heavily investing in the health and wellness of the ageing population. Investing in fitness equipment for seniors is an ideal way of keeping the ageing population fit and active and reducing health issues that result from sedentary lifestyle.

What is fitness equipment for seniors?

As the name should suggest fitness equipment for seniors are not the same as those you’d find in an average gym. The fitness goals for seniors are completely different and separated from those of people at the prime of their lives. Seniors are not interested in adding mass to their bodies, but fitness is maintaining strength in their muscles and bones. They are focused on retaining their agility and of course warding off illnesses such as cardiac problems, diabetes, and other health problems.

There are companies that specialize in fitness equipment for seniors and the philosophy behind such equipment is completely different from ones you will find in the average gym. These are usually installed outdoor to allow collective exercising where people inspire one another and enjoy the time spent together rather than seeing it as a daily regime.

How Outdoor Fitness Equipment Helps Seniors?

There are several reasons for seniors to exercise regularly but exercising with outdoor fitness equipment takes this experience to a whole new level. There is thankfully increased awareness among communities and many of them are investing in creating exclusive exercise areas for seniors. Let us take you through some of the benefits of these exercises:

Lose or Maintain Weight

As seniors move towards sedentary lifestyle and their natural metabolism slows down, they are prone to increase in body weight. This can negatively affect their health, putting more stress on their weakened limbs and thus risking them to injuries. It also increases the chances of other health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. With regular use of outdoor fitness equipment seniors can lose or maintain their weight. These exercises increase the rate of burning calories and keep their body weight under control.

Reduce Chronic Diseases

As we have already mentioned seniors are more prone to chronic diseases. Such as problems with digestive functioning, fluctuating blood pressure levels, heart diseases, diabetes, and osteoporosis, etc. Medicinal intervention is of little help in these kinds of diseases. However, a fit and active lifestyle can help in improving these conditions and also improve life expectancy.

Improves Mobility

Reduced mobility is a common problem for many seniors and with increasing life expectancy this problem has become more profound. Sudden shift from an active lifestyle to a sedentary lifestyle can impact mobility. With age, our bones and muscles tend to become weaker and this can also affect balance and coordination. Exercises help in maintaining bone and muscle health and reduce the risks of falling and injuries.

Improves Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the common things many of us hear from seniors. This problem can become chronic and start affecting the mood of the person and result in problems such as depression. By exercising regularly seniors fall asleep faster, have sound sleep, and wake up with more energy and refreshed.

Improves Mental Health

Training with outdoor fitness equipment is as much about training as it is about socializing with people of the same age. As seniors interact with others it helps them unwind from the health and other issues that affects. Feelings of loneliness is very common among seniors and this problem can be easily overcome when they are part of a larger group.

Sum up

To sum up, fitness for seniors is one of the most important issues that we need to address given the kind of demographic shift we are witnessing in the developed world. One thing is for sure: we will see more seniors around us. By investing in fitness equipment for seniors we can ensure health and wellness for this population in their twilight and create a healthier society.