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Denfit continuously invests in research and development to provide innovative fitness solutions that meet the needs of our customers and end-users. Developed by experts with expertise in training, our equipment ensures effectiveness. We design smart devices with adjustable weights and/or multifunctional equipment, optimizing the available space. This is how Denfit sets the standard for modern fitness experiences!

"I have been living in Amsterdam-Bijlmermeer for a very long time, and here you see me squatting on the Denfit equipment. Back then, I was still young because it was in 2001 😊. I always brought a small piece of wood to maintain my posture, but there was also a chair for seated training. We brought all sorts of things, and everyone respected them so that we could train with them daily. I enjoy exercising here every day; it's free, and we have a nice connection with each other. We help and make plans together. In sports, you always speak the same language. In 2010, the old model was moved to another neighbourhood, and we got the new model. My favourites are the devices with adjustable resistance. Our neighbourhood is very happy with it. It's been more than 20 years, and it's an integral part of my daily routine 😊. It keeps me fit!"

"I consider myself lucky to have Denfit equipment installed in my neighborhood, right near my home. I've been using the outdoor fitness gear for quite some time now, and it's been an integral part of my fitness routine ever since. Thanks to this equipment, I'm able to enjoy outdoor workouts that are both effective and enjoyable, helping me achieve my fitness goals with ease. What makes Denfit stand out is that you can just feel they really know their stuff when it comes to anatomy and fitness. Their equipment is super convenient, with those adjustable weights, so I can fine-tune my workouts exactly to my training goals every time."

"Our collaboration with Denfit began in early 2018. Our initial task was to develop three new devices for a rehabilitation center in Haapsalu, Estonia. The collaboration has proven to be exceptionally successful. Communication lines are short, and Denfit always responds swiftly and decisively. This aligns perfectly with the way we operate at our company, MUUW. The outcome is a beautiful and vibrant location, specifically designed for individuals learning to navigate wheelchairs. The Haapsalu center remains highly satisfied with the provided facilities, leading to an expansion of wheelchair-accessible devices in August 2022."