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Denfit strives for inclusivity by making fitness products and services accessible to people of all backgrounds, levels, and abilities. We offer specially designed equipment suitable for various body types, for seniors, and for wheelchair users, allowing everyone to train comfortably and effectively. At Denfit, we believe that everyone deserves the right to get and stay fit, regardless of their physical limitations or age. Together, we’re building an inclusive fitness community where everyone feels welcome and can engage in a healthy lifestyle.


"I do a short workout every single day here at Van ‘t Hoflaan in Amsterdam. I work in healthcare for the elderly in this area, and during my breaks, I seize the opportunity to stay active and energized on this user friendly equipment. My favourite is this Crossfit item. I live in the Indische buurt and would love to have some equipment there, can you take care of that in the future please?"

"I have a new born baby girl. She is 3 month old. I like to work out everyday but going to the gym every day is not possible at the moment. Luckily this Streetworkout device is in my area and I can go here, work out, and don’t need a babysitter"


"Our collaboration with Denfit began in early 2018. Our initial task was to develop three new devices for a rehabilitation center in Haapsalu, Estonia. The collaboration has proven to be exceptionally successful. Communication lines are short, and Denfit always responds swiftly and decisively. This aligns perfectly with the way we operate at our company, MUUW. The outcome is a beautiful and vibrant location, specifically designed for individuals learning to navigate wheelchairs. The Haapsalu center remains highly satisfied with the provided facilities, leading to an expansion of wheelchair-accessible devices in August 2022."