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Statement of sustainability

Denfit Outdoor Fitness is fully committed to sustainable development.
Our ‘green’ policy is based firmly on the grounds of manufacturing and delivering our products in the most efficient manner possible and aim to ensure that we make sustainable choices.
The reduction of energy demands and the preservation of materials are important, even if they are obtained from ‘renewable’ sources.

We use recycled steel for the production of our products. The production of this steel takes 70% less energy compared to making steel from new ore.
The CO2 emissions are also much lower (-75%) with the reuse of iron.

Electrostatic powder coating has met the highest requirements in terms of corrosion protection and decorative use of colour for decades.
This method is one of the most environmentally friendly painting processes, because no solvents are used in the entire process. The powder coatings consist exclusively of solids and are usually free of hazardous ingredients for which a labelling requirement applies.

Our factory is located in a new, very well-insulated building which is fully equipped with underfloor heating in the factory, so no heat is lost, especially in the winter months.
Our building has recently been fully equipped with LED lighting, saving us 80,000 kWh annually.

The machinery is also modern and energy-saving. For example, the heat generated by the laser cutting machine can be used to heat up the factory, hydraulic pumps in machines switch off automatically when no pressure is required.

We do complete waste separation of paper, plastic and other waste.