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4 Outdoor Fitness Equipment Your Community Needs


We live in a world where fitness has taken a backseat in most of our lives. Our busy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits have taken a toll on our society. Look around and you will find people suffering from obesity, hypertension, and cardiac issues. All thanks to our lack of time and motivation towards fitness. Going to the gym isn’t an option for many. This is perhaps what led the Bar Brothers (Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic) to take a different approach toward exercise and fitness. They started the Calisthenics movement which has grown immensely in popularity.

At Denfit we take pride in being part of this movement. We have  introduced a big range of outdoor fitness equipment that helps in keeping people in shape. And next to that improving immunity levels and most importantly helping prevent and manage medical conditions. We are proud to introduce some innovative and effective fitness products to lots of communities in the Netherlands and other parts of the world. We believe fitness is a community movement rather than an individual achievement.

Here are four types of outdoor fitness equipment that would be the most worthwhile investment for communities:

  1. Basix – If you are looking for fitness equipment that would exercise different muscles in your body without requiring you to go through a steep learning curve, Basix is what you need. This equipment consists of 20 static devices that work on different muscle groups on your body. This is one of the best fitness equipment for the seniors in your community. And that said, it is also a great training setup for any athlete as it allows them to build their stamina and endurance.
  2. FitPoint – This is one of our top selling products and across the world one of the most popular outdoor fitness equipment that several communities have immensely benefitted from. This 8-point fitness equipment offers you a complete body workout, which can be used by people who wish to rid their body fat or those looking to build muscles. Whether you are looking to do your chin ups, pull downs, bench presses, step up or abs it is one fitness equipment that will let you exercise every muscle in your body. The biggest USP of this equipment is the small space it occupies. This is perfect for communities that don’t have a huge space to build a fitness zone.
  3. Streetworkout – If you are looking to invest in the first outdoor fitness equipment to get the Calisthenics movement going, we can only recommend you our Streetworkout line. It is a contemporary line of static outdoor fitness equipment with a total of over 50 devices which can all be combined together. The training methods differ from each other by variations in resistance, number of repetitions, series and breaks. Training together provides a challenge and healthy competition and motivates today’s active generation.
  4. Gym Combi’s The Gym Combi’s are combinations of two or three different Gym devices. These allow users to exercise different parts of the body and for different goals. From strength and endurance to cardio and losing weight, these products can be used by all ages. It is a good investment for those communities that have an elderly population that cannot benefit from the gym. Besides, the Gym combi’s combine the physical benefits with increasing or maintaining your social contacts.

It’s time you bring these types of equipment to your community and enjoy a fit and active lifestyle. At Denfit we are the leading outdoor fitness supplier in Netherlands and have been catering to small and large communities. We provide complete installations of fitness equipment through our large network of dealers, all over the world.