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  • Wall Monkey Bars 3 Pull up Bars Parallel Bars

  • Size: Height Pull up bars 1800 / 2200 and 2300 mm – Height Wall 2300 mm- Height Monkey Bars 2400 mm – Height Parallel Bars 1100 mm
  • tube diameter Ø 33,7 mm – Parallel bars Ø 42,2 mm
  • Total length 4100 mm / width 3400 mm
  • Colour: Stainless steel caps in many different colours. Posts are standard in Gris Sablé 2400
  • Area of movement: 45.4 m2
  • Installation: In ground / above ground
  • Optional: completely in stainless steel / uncoated in hot zinc dipped galvanized steel
  • Main exercises: Hanging leg raise / Hanging moving forward / Pull up / Dips
  • Many alternative exercises

Denfit StreetWorkout is a contemporary line of static outdoor fitness equipment with in total over 50 devices which can all be combined together.

StreetWorkout (or Calisthenics, BarBrothers and UrbanFitness)  is a gymnastic way of training  with your own body weight as resistance combined with a minimum of devices (bars), all with the goal of building a strong and supple body. It builds a shredded physique, it’s free, and to be honest, it’s much cooler than lifting weights in a sweaty gym. You can train with several people at the same time which gives a challenge and competition, and it motivates a healthy lifestyle. Actively enjoying the the outside air.

At Denfit we have been part of the Calisthenics movement since 2015 and have been supplying street workout equipment to lots of communities in Europe, Asia and Australia. Our StreetWorkout line consists of Benches, Monkey bars, Parallel bars, Pull-up bars, Wall, Wavebar, Workout desk and many bars.