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  • Rope Net Climb Horizontal and Vertical

  • Obstacle Trail –  Rope Net Climb Horizontal and Vertical
  • Size: Height bars 2400 mm
  • Rope: 6-strand, steel reinforced with a polypropylene fibre core. Polypropylene sheathing
  • tube diameter Ø 42,4 mm
  • Total length 3435 mm / width 2100 mm
  • Colour: Stainless steel caps in many different colours. Posts are standard in Gris sablé 2400. Ropes are standard in green
  • Area of movement: 32.8 m2
  • Free height of fall: 2400 mm
  • Installation: in ground / above ground
  • Main exercise: Hanging moving forward / Climb over
  • Many alternative exercises

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