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  • Pacewalk

  • Colour:  Stepper, Twister, StepUp and Balance board are standard in Gris sable 2400. Post in stainless steel
  • Area of movement; 20.2 m2
  • Free height of fall: 300 mm
  • Installation: with rubber floor; in ground or above ground
  • Main exercises: Step ups / Stepping / Twisting / Balancing
  • Alternative exercises: Step Up 9 / Stepper 9 / Twister 9 / Balance Board 10

Denfit Station Pacewalk allows up to 4 users to work out at any one time. It is the perfect solution for residential areas. It allows buyers to make sound financial decisions, getting massive value for one piece of equipment and allowing the local residents to get a lower body workout as well as encouraging social interaction. In a residential area it will be the perfect addition to promote a fit and vital lifestyle.
Pacewalk contains Stepup, Stepper, Balance board and Twister.