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  • Fitpoint

  • Colour: Tops and inlay panels in many different colours. Post and benches are standard is Gris SablĂ© 2400
  • Area of movement: 45.48 m2
  • Free height of fall: 500 mm
  • Installation: with rubber or aluminium checker plate floor
  • No anchoring required
  • Main exercises: Twisting / Bench Press / Balancing / Sit up / Step ups / Stepping / Rowing / Pull Down
  • Alternative exercises: Twister 12 / Bench Press 15 / Balance Board 10 / Abdominal 10 / Step Up 9 / Stepper 10 / Rowing 11 / Pull Down 10

Denfit Station Fitpoint is a compact and complete training system, completely pre-assembled on its own floor. Easy to install and relocate, with a lifting eye on top of the roof. The compactness of the Fitpoint allows it to be installed on sites with limited space, making it the perfect solution for developing fitness zones in urban environments. No less than 8 athletes can use the Fitpoint at the same time.

Denfit Station Fitpoint is the perfect tool to develop fitness, strength training, balance, coordination and cardio. Benefits of Fitpoint are the accessibility to all users, elderly can train without fear of injury or hesitation as all units promote stability with low entry points. All of this motivates a social sport activity in the healthy open air.
On Fitpoint there are three individual pieces on which the user can adjust the resistance levels to suit their own needs. This tailor made circuit can test even the fittest athletes.