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BikeFit Senior

  • Nature Fitness BikeFit Senior
  • Post of robinia wood
  • Area of movement: 17.1 m2
  • Free height of fall: 510 mm
  • Installation: in ground
  • Main exercise: Cycling
  • Alternative exercises: 11

Nature Fitness is the next step to a more ecological way of thinking. When you choose Nature Fitness, you opt for ecological, sustainable and environmental friendly responsible wood with the FSC certificate!

The Nature Fitness line consists of 21 aesthetic designed fitness units that fit in every natural environment and complement it with a new sports use. Each unit can be used in a variety of ways to execute lots of different exercises. The Nature Fitness is a body weight resistance based training system which incorporates a crossfit style of training where the body is the key to success.

The units are suitable for users of all ages and no matter if you are a beginner, an experienced athlete or an inclusive athlete, all units are fully accessible to users of all capabilities. With Nature Fitness you are able to create urban spaces with a natural look.