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Outdoor Fitness

Denfit has been developing and supplying outdoor fitness equipment for public spaces since 2001. Outdoor fitness or urban fitness is our core business and thousands locations in the Netherlands, Europe, South-America, Australia and Asia have been equipped with Denfit equipment. Exercise in the open air provides a greater stress reduction than exercise indoors, because of experiencing fresh air and the wind in your face. In addition, exposure to the sun will increase the production of vitamin D in the skin. So, outdoor fitness has major advantages over indoor fitness.


Our devices are recognizable and very easy to use. Each device is provided with a training instruction on which the exercise is explained. This makes it possible to work on your fitness in an accessible and fun way for free. Our range contains fitness equipment that is suitable for different target groups, so that everyone can find their own challenge. Moreover, by exercising together you can stimulate each other and this leads to better performance. Click here to see which devices are of interest to you.


The Denfit outdoor fitness equipment is distinguished by its design and above all by the different possible ways of training. Our Professional Sportpoint devices are unique, because they have adjustable weights that cannot be removed from the device. This creates the possibility to train with different resistances, and this makes the equipment very attractive for many athletes. For example, on the BenchPress you can train with a minimum of 5 kg and a maximum of 70 kg. View all Professional Sportpoint equipment here.



The first outdoor fitness device that Denfit brought to the market is the Fitpoint. Up to 8 different fitness exercises can be done on the Fitpoint, and the device can be used by several athletes at the same time. On the FitPoint you can do rowing, twisting, bench press, stair climbing, pull down, abs, balancing and stepping. The appearance has changed over the years, but the functionality and originality have remained unparalleled. Click here for information about the Fitpoint.



Denfit StreetWorkout is our answer to the increasing demand for static outdoor fitness equipment, where people train in a gymnastic way with only their own body weight as resistance. StreetWorkout is also called Calisthenics or Bar Brothers and aims to build a powerful and flexible body. The equipment consists of combinations of posts and bars, and offers dozens of training exercises. The great thing is that the devices are suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or very experienced. Challenge yourself and push your limits. View the complete StreetWorkout range.