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Welcome bij Denfit

Do you dream of a lifestyle where exercise and fitness is a part of your daily routine? Well, you may not have the time to go to a gym every day or be looking for alternative exercises that are fun-filled and sporty at the same time. At Denfit, we know what it takes to keep your body in the right shape and experience the several benefits that come along. As a leading outdoor fitness supplier, we have got an exciting range of products that will help you lose weight, regain your fitness and feel energetic.

We have been supplying outdoor fitness equipment to Europe, Asia and Australia since 2001. Unlike traditional fitness equipment suppliers, we have been targeting communities instead of individuals because we firmly believe the right fitness equipment should be accessible to all. People of all age groups should use them and also make communities look more attractive aesthetically. Whether you are looking for Streetworkout/Calisthenics products or professional outdoor training equipment like the Sportpoint and Fitpoint, we bring you the most extensive selection of outdoor gym equipment that can be used without any external help of training.

Fitnessspecialist voor Senioren

Several countries have an ageing population. This has become a big challenge for communities in lots of countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. Denfit has got a big range of user friendly training units for seniors. We have customized our outdoor fitness equipment for seniors to keep them fit and healthy, while at the same time enjoying social interaction. Besides our range for seniors we also have lots products for inclusive users.

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